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Paradigm Foods

B Corp Month 

Paradigm Foods’ four pillars of purpose continues to drive the business forward. 

March marks an exciting time for us at Paradigm Foods as we join nearly 8,000 companies worldwide in celebrating B Corp Month. This month-long celebration is an opportunity for us to showcase our ongoing commitment to social and environmental responsibility as a certified B Corporation. 

For us, this means doing better as a business and being proactive to ensure a sustainable future for red meat.  

Paradigm Foods is proudly the first and only Australian red meat exporter to be B Corp Certified. This Certification underpins our mission to make meat better. 

Guided by the B Corp Certification process and United Nations SGDs, our business operates around 4 key pillars to drive purpose – Produce, People, Planet and Partners. 


At Paradigm, our focus on product excellence drives us forward. We’re proud to work closely with our partners by creating meaningful brands that share their stories. This collaborative approach ensures that our products not only meet high-quality standards but also contribute positively to the communities and environments where they originate. 


Our people are at the heart of everything we do. They are the driving force behind our mission to challenge the status quo in the red meat industry and create a better future.  


As we reflect on our environmental commitments during B Corp Month, we’re proud to highlight our Roots Regenerative program. This initiative underscores our dedication to improving our planet and promoting sustainability throughout our operations. In the coming year, we’ll be working closely with industry experts to set science-based targets and further enhance our sustainable practices across the red meat supply chain. 


Finally, we want to express our gratitude to our partners who play a vital role in our journey. From our customers to our producers, feedlots, processors, and beyond, their collaboration is essential to achieving our missions and goals.  

We ultimately want to make an impact because we believe we need to be proactively better as an industry to ensure a sustainable future for red meat. If you would like to discuss how working with a B Corp Certified company impacts you, please reach out to our team.