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Banksia Award Victory: Paradigm Foods’ Commitment to Sustainability

We are thrilled to announce that Paradigm Foods has been recognised for its outstanding commitment to sustainability by winning the 34th National Banksia Sustainability Award for Marketing & Communications for Impact.

This prestigious accolade celebrates organisations that make a significant social and environmental impact, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Around the world we have seen consumer demand in more environmentally sustainable products and beef is no exception. We crafted our brand Roots Regenerative to cater to this need. Roots Regenerative give consumers a better beef choice – not only for their health, but for their environmental conscience.

Banksia Sustainability Awards judges commented on the Roots Regenerative brand development as showing “excellent capacity for problem solving in an industry that realises its issues in transitioning to more sustainable practices.” By focusing on ecological outcomes with supply chains that educate suppliers and consumers, Roots Regenerative is bigger than beef – it’s starting a regenerative movement for a better food future. This award serves as validation of the tremendous potential for Regenerative Beef to grow through increased consumer awareness and demand.

 “Paradigm Foods is sharing the sustainability story of the Australian red meat industry. The company is connecting consumers worldwide with a deeper understanding of the food on their plates, telling the story of the industry’s land, animals and people.” – Jason Strong, Managing Director of Meat and Livestock Australia.

It was sensational to see other meat industry finalists up for awards – congratulations to all involved. We extend our gratitude to the Banksia Foundation for this incredible journey to be a part of. We are also appreciative of Currie Communications for generously sponsoring the category, and to Meat & Livestock Australia for their ongoing support of our industry.

Roots Regenerative acknowledges and celebrates the efforts of Australian regenerative producers who have been quietly leading a soil health revolution. We are especially proud of our accomplishment as the first red meat exporter (to our knowledge) in Australia to receive this esteemed recognition, an achievement that reflects our dedication to our mission, meat made better. This award is dedicated to our incredible regen producer partners who are changing the face of agriculture, quite literally from the ground up. This achievement would not be possible without you all.