Paradigm Foods

Paradigm Foods

Meat brands

that tell stories.

Meat brands

that tell stories.

Our story.

a new paradigm IN meat

Paradigm Foods was born in 2018 to challenge the norms of the traditional meat industry. Our name, ‘Paradigm’, is inspired by a passion to rethink the norm and find new ways of doing things. Our approach starts with the end consumer – understanding what they want on their plates, and how we can cater to these needs through premium agricultural produce. Driven by our relentless passion to make meat better, our small, but mighty team of over 20 work tirelessly to support our customers all around the world. Changing the narrative about our relationship with meat runs deep in our blood – many of us are connected to the land and farming industries – fuelling our passion to bring real, premium meat to plates across the globe.  This passion has led us to be a Certified B Corporation – the first Australian meat exporter to be B Corp Certified. Through our portfolio of brands, we’re championing the stories of our producers – empowering them to share their history and tales about the land, animals and people behind their produce.

Our vision is to create food that people around the world LOVE to eat.

We’re on a mission
to make meat better.

Rewriting the narrative.



Be a conscious consumer. Discover the faces behind the land, animals and people involved in producing your food with our brands.


Our farmers inspire us, and we want their stories to be heard. It’s time to tell the world how they’re making our meat better.


FOR animals & our planet

Purpose and sustainability drive us. Our 4 pillars of purpose are a blueprint in our pursuit to make meat better.
Mission & Targets.

Leading the way with purpose. We’re dedicated to connecting people with the brands and stories behind our produce, and building better supply chain relationships with our producers and customers.

A new paradigm in meat to drive positive change.
SCOT of the South Black Angus

Our mission.


We’re passionate about creating meat brands that tell stories – the stories of the farmers who dedicate their lives in nurturing our land, and caring for our animals. We’re changing how the world looks at meat from the ground up, and how business is managed by us, our suppliers and our customers.

Sustainability runs deep from within our business in everything we do. Paradigm Foods is committed to delivering purpose. To do this, we are guided by our 4 pillars of purpose: Product, Partners, People and Planet.

These pillars keep us accountable and help us pave the way to addressing better ways we can proactively create a positive and sustainable future for red meat, cultivating change for the better.

Let’s make meat better, together.