Our vision is to create food that people around the world love to eat.

Our Story

At Paradigm Foods we embrace niche opportunities to create impactful protein brands and products.

We build transparent relationships with our producer base, processors and customers allowing us to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all parties in the supply chain.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, we develop opportunities by listening to what consumers want, and ensuring the products we take to market are relevant and valued.

The Paradigm Foods portfolio of brands includes premium ICON XB Wagyu, Yugo XB Wagyu, Roam Australian Wagyu, Scot of the South Black Angus and Roots Regenerative Beef.

Established in 2018 by local industry experts with global experience, Paradigm Foods is a subsidiary business of AGTRADE International and a sister company of Australian Rural Exports (AUSTREX). Our board of directors consists of Justin Slaughter and Nick Thompson.


We create meat brands that tell stories. Real stories of the amazing farmers who commit their lives to nurture the land and care for animals.

We are inspiring a new meat mindset and ultimately changing the way business is done by us, our suppliers and our customers.

We collaborate with industry stakeholders to challenge the norm and find new, progressive ways to make our business and industry more environmentally sustainable, ethical and inclusive.

We support our team members to love what they do, have fun and work in a balanced & flexible way.

We celebrate meat and food for the joy it brings people across communities around the globe.

Our goal is for our suppliers and our customers to become our biggest advocates because they love what we do and why we do it.

…but most of all we ultimately want to do our bit to make a positive, lasting contribution to the future of our industry.

We’re on a mission to Make Meat Better.

View our Progress Journey and our Animal Focus Philosophy to see our current initiatives and impact.