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Meaningful brands.

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Our brands aren’t just born from ideas, they’re born from a true connection and passion to create meaningful brands for our farmers, our consumers and our environment. It is our goal that our produce touches the hearts and minds of the world while answering the fundamental and functional need of feeding the planet.

Welcome to our brands.

Uniquely New Zealand

Aura Wagyu originates from New Zealand, a renowned agricultural paradise nestled amidst the Pacific Islands. With diverse landscape and untouched natural beauty, it curates Japanese genetics and Australian expertise into a unique and pure Wagyu. New Zealand’s rich soils, rolling pastures, and pristine alpine waters nurture Aura Wagyu under clear blue skies. This results in extraordinary quality, reflected in the marbling, tenderness, texture, and flavor composition.
Roam - Australian Wagyu
Roam Australian Wagyu was born from the vision to create quality, free-roaming Australian Wagyu. Unlike traditional grain-fed Wagyu, it is extensively grass-fed and free to roam. This unique combination results in naturally slower maturity which delivers a distinctive Wagyu beef experience. Our producers are dedicated to breed, raise & nurture Roam cattle in natural outdoor environments and take great pride in delivering quality Australian free roaming Wagyu from their stations, to your plate.
Alba Lamb - Paradigm Foods brand

ALBA Lamb is produced from one single, dedicated breed – Australian White Lamb. This breed was specifically bred to thrive in Australia’s unique climate, and born through years of careful breeding, stringent selection criteria, and the latest technology. Raised and nourished on fresh green pastures, ALBA is a new level in lamb. Finely marbled fat with a low melting point and elevated levels of Omega 3, means ALBA is an unparalleled cooking and eating experience. Soft, finely textured, juicy and melt-in-the-mouth, ALBA is a revolution in the lamb category.

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