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Our planet.

Our planet.

Assessing our impact.

understanding our baseline and
measures to drive change.

We’re keenly aware of the risks of the carbon emissions we emit within the red meat industry. That’s why we’ve called upon two external organisations to help us further understand and reduce our carbon footprint. Their findings will guide us to make better business decisions to address our impact.

Making better decisions to reduce our impact.

We’re committed to sustainability in all that we do.


connecting conscious consumers with regenerative produce

Paradigm Foods supports regenerative agriculture, a philosophy that focuses on improving soil health, fostering biodiversity and promoting economic resilience in farming communities. We continually invest in regenerative agriculture, connecting with our consumers through our Roots Regenerative Beef brand – 100% grassfed beef, raised on dedicated regenerative Australian farms.

Paradigm Foods works closely in collaboration with RCS – Resource Consulting Services, a leading private provider of regenerative agriculture education, training and advisory services to the agricultural sector.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Regenerative beef supplier get in touch today.

Animal Welfare.


We place our animal’s health and welfare at the core of everything we do. Our Animal Focus Philosophy ensures animals are cared for, treated with respect and celebrated for the nourishment and experience their produce provides. We’re passionate about creating meat brands that prevent the commoditisation of meat, allow producers to be recognised for their hard work and for animals to be honoured for their produce.

Battling Food Waste.

doing our part

In making meat better, we’re also helping in the battle against food waste and hunger. Every year, we donate 10 tonnes of protein to FareShare, an organisation that rescues quality surplus food and cooks free, nutritious meals for those in need. Every member of our Paradigm Foods team is honoured to volunteer in their commercial kitchens and improve the lives of those in hardship. Protein is difficult to acquire, and so we’re proud to play an active role in supporting their mission.