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Just a few short years into its inception, ICON XB Wagyu has leapt straight to the top of a very strong pack of Australian Wagyu brands- taking out 4 gold medals and a Grand Champion title at all three of the major branded beef competitions in the country.

First, and arguably the most rigorous Wagyu contest in the country, was the Australian Wagyu Association 2023 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition. ICON collected a gold medal for both the Open Crossbred Class and the Open F1 Class. An outstanding achievement to begin the year. 

Next was perhaps our team’s highlight for 2023 – as the acknowledgment in our own backyard of Queensland means a great deal to our small and deeply passionate team. Not only did ICON claim a gold in the Open Beef category at Royal Queensland Awards, but went on to be recognised as Grand Champion Beef of Show. We were honoured to contribute to the Ekka Steakhouse Restaurant with the menu featuring our Grand Champion Wagyu for their diners.


To round out a clean sweep for 2023, ICON received the highest points scored in the Open Beef, High Marble Score 5+ category at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards. As such, another gold medal with a score of 94.67.

From our suppliers to our customers, we work with the best in the industry and we very humbly relay all of this celebration and accolade to them – our incredible supply chain.



So, why this golden streak for ICON in 2023?

At Paradigm Foods we live and breathe our company mission to Make Meat Better. As our heritage brand, ICON continues to exemplify this ethos in the undeniable pursuit for perfection – refining and perfecting every touch point to its delivery.

ICON is the first and only Australian F1 Wagyu to be B Corp Certified – meaning it is created with a commitment to social and environmental impact. This sets ICON apart from the rest, showcasing our dedication to sustainable and ethical business practices that goes beyond the norm.

Our team are continually on the ground, overseeing the operations and are working closely with our suppliers to ensure a premium product that transcends in quality.  A pursuit for perfection doesn’t happen by accident, it is a choice, and the choice to deliver Wagyu that has gold medal recognition takes great commitment.

When the cattle are bred with the finest Japanese genetics, the mission is clear: to consistently deliver a product which embodies excellence. Alastair Ronald, Paradigm Food’s Head of Wagyu explains.

From the selection of genetics, the management of livestock and pasture, to the feedlot and production practices, each stage of the supply chain has the same level of dedication and attention to detail as a culinary artist.” 

For ICON, premium quality isn’t the goal, it is the standard. We have the expertise and passion to achieve it time and time again.

The last few years have been far from a rinse and repeat mentality. We have been learning, adjusting, refining, improving to get us to this level – delivering the best Australian F1 Wagyu for the world to enjoy.”