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Paradigm Foods
TIQ Award Winner Banner

Paradigm Foods was announced as winner of the Sustainability and Green Economy category of the prestigious Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards 2023, at the TIQ Awards Gala in Brisbane October 2023.

The Sustainability and Green Economy category acknowledges outstanding international success in environmental and sustainability outcomes and innovation, and celebrates enterprises committed to sustainable business practices.

In 2023, we launched Roots Regenerative, the first Australian beef brand to gain USDA approval to be marketed as regenerative, and with the “Never Ever” promise of no hormones, no antibiotics and no purchases of carbon credits.

Our General Manager, Nick Thompson, said he was deeply honoured to accept the Award as an acknowledgement of the team’s commitment to sustainability and operating with purpose, not profit alone.

“To be recognised in this category for our unwavering commitment to sustainability and efforts to truly trailblaze change in red meat, particularly through Roots Regenerative, is humbling for myself and the entire team,” Mr Thompson said.

“The Roots brand has been meticulously developed to honour and champion the role of the regenerative farmer and landscape regeneration, while also telling the complex story of regenerative production and providing some of the world’s finest beef to global customers.

“Everything we do is around creating a better future for meat – for the consumer, the farmer and for a prosperous future and planet where meat can be produced and consumed in a responsible and sustainable way.”

This win in the Premier’s Export Awards comes after Roots Regenerative secured a sought-after National Banksia Sustainability Award earlier in the year.

“Our team is driven, every day, to balance the narrative around red meat and the role our farmers, landscapes and animals play in feeding, nourishing and satiating the world,” Mr Thompson said.

“We are proud to have pioneered this niche, which not only creates unique opportunities within export markets, but makes a genuinely positive impact to consumers, animals, farmers and the planet. We thank the judges of this category for this much-appreciated acknowledgement.”