Paradigm Foods

Paradigm Foods

Strengthening our Global Presence 

Highlights from the recent tradeshows

From April – June 2024, we had the incredible opportunity to showcase our brands at several prestigious tradeshows across the globe. These events have been pivotal in expanding our network, engaging with customers, and reinforcing our brand presence. 

FHA Singapore

Kicking off April at Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) in Singapore, we engaged with both current and prospective customers. The event was a fantastic platform to discuss our diverse product range. The networking we had here was invaluable, helping us gain insights into market trends and customer preferences.

NRA Show in Chicago

Next, we made a significant mark at our debut at the NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show in Chicago. This event was a major milestone for us, offering an opportunity to connect with industry leaders across the United States and explore new business avenues. The connection made at this event are set to play a crucial role in our future growth and expansion in the North American market.

SIAL China

SIAL China was another standout event. Here, we had the privilege of introducing Senku Purebred Wagyu to an international audience, including a distinguished guest, Queensland’s Governor, Her Excellency the Honourable Dr. Jeanette Young AS PSM. The positive reception of our premium Wagyu was testament to its exceptional quality. 

Seoul Food and Hotel

Our collaboration with TIQ at the Seoul Food and Hotel tradeshow boosted our presence in the South Korean market. The event provided valuable networking opportunities and helped us strengthen relationships with key stakeholders. Our efforts here are aimed at enhancing our market reach and establishing long-lasting partnerships in the region, 

These tradeshows have not only boosted our brand awareness but also fostered meaningful relationships and partnerships on a global scale. The insights and connections gained from these events are instrumental as we continue to expand our reach and share our exceptional products with more discerning consumers worldwide.